Reiki is in vogue..?

Reiki is a complementary therapy, characterized by the imposition of hands on the human being with the aim of restoring physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Reiki is a spiritual practice with dimensions based on matter and spirit, characterized by the imposition of hands in order to restore the body’s balance. This is one of the oldest healing methods known to mankind. It originated in Tibet eighteen centuries ago and was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui, dating back to 2,500 years of writing in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

Although we all have the innate ability to lay hands (I will detail this statement further in accordance with Christianity) the Reiki system consists mainly of the unblocking of the chakras. These are energy points of different vibrations, representing different aspects of the body, the soul and the spirit. They symbolize the law of nature, being in constant movement. They are located along the spine of the human body; their function is to receive and transmit energy to the affected areas of the physical body, bringing balance.

For all of us who have studied Reiki, we know that in most cases an initiation is required, moment in which the energy channels are opened, allowing us to start tuning into the universal energy and thus become a healing agent and with time, be able to act as a Reiki therapist.

During a reiki session, the nurse-therapist represents a channel and will conduct the force, energy and light that exists in reiki, and the patient receives the amount of energy necessary or appropriate for the balance of the mind, body and emotions.

As I said before, reiki focuses on the chakras, which are energy centers in the human being. These centers collect subtle energy, transforming it and supplying it to the body. Each one is connected to a certain organ or region of the body that influences its function. The chakras are closely related to the endocrine system. The endocrine glands produce and secrete hormones through the bloodstream. Hormones are the chemicals in charge of sending different messages to our body, covering the control of the most important processes of the body, for example: metabolism, cell growth, energy use and storage, control of blood levels, mood, etc., as it involves the physical, mental and other planes of energy (more spiritual) present in the healing process.

Reiki is a complementary therapeutic practice recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1995, although it clearly stipulates that it does not replace conventional treatments, but complements them. In addition, the WHO indicates that side effects may occur, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual situations caused by the same disease or its diagnosis.

It is defined by the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the USA) as Energy or Biofield Therapy, since it focuses on the interaction of the different energy levels in the body.

The Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, in its document/report analysing the situation of natural therapies, says in this regard: “it is a method of energy transfer to facilitate the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people, rebalancing at all levels. It is an approach to natural self-healing. It uses the concept of universal life energy (Reiki) which, properly directed by a professional, either at a distance or by placing his or her hands on or near a person, aims to improve the spirit and, consequently, the body. The therapist’s hands can transmit vital energy to the patient in order to treat mental and emotional problems, as well as to alleviate or eliminate symptoms, discomfort and cure acute or chronic diseases“.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO), in its document WHO Strategy on Traditional Medicine 2014-2023, openly supports the incorporation of so-called traditional and complementary medicines into public health systems as a solution to the health problems the world is experiencing due to the global health crisis. However, it still has to resolve the qualifications required for this practice. The professionals can be therapists of traditional medicine or complementary medicine, conventional doctors or professionals from other health branches. In many countries in Europe and North America, chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists and osteopaths are required to receive training in university level programmes. But in China, the Republic of Korea, India and Viet Nam, doctors who practice certain types of TCM must be university graduates.

On the other hand, most people speak of Reiki as something unrelated to religion, but nevertheless compare the laying on of hands of Reiki practice to healing by the laying on of the hand of Christ.

According to Christianity, the following gifts exist:

1. Gifts of Inspiration (Speaking): Tongues; Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy.

2.Gifts of Revelation (Listening): Discernment of Spirits, Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom.

3.Gifts of Power (Doing): Gift of Faith, Healing Gifts and Miracles.

In that sense and according to Joyce Meyer’s definition “the gifts of healing are the supernatural assignments of God’s healing power to people in need of healing. They are described as gifts (plural) because many of the other nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are actively involved as we minister healing to the sick. These are supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit and are not the same as medical science“.

Now, in my experience I consider that no “gift” is given individually or alone, for example, knowledge is given at the moment healing is done, in this experience you feel a tingling or perhaps an uncomfortable sensation in the person being healed.

At other times, through a vision you may be given the part of the body that needs healing, or more specifically, sometimes God may reveal to you the person that needs to be healed and the exact time for it. In another post, I will tell you about my personal experience, which healed two people, a family member and a friend.

Other times, people who belong to a church, and even a ministry, who do what they call “healing prayer chains” or “laying on of hands” will faithfully tell you that it is the Holy Spirit that will heal that person’s and his faith is freed. Consequently, you would be in the presence of three gifts, in this case, healing, faith and miracles.

In short, the intention of this Post is not to defend a religious position, or to defend Reiki to the detriment of religion, each of you will make your own opinion. In my own opinion, Reiki is a technique that is compatible with any religion, because indeed God gave us all the “gift” of laying on of hands. Now, Reiki does not replace prayer, because when a Christian prays it is God who heals, and that it is up to Him alone to decide whether this has effect or not. The laying on of hands by means of a prayer or a healing technique, will always be God who works, because He is in each one of us.

The reason that led me to create this Blog, is to help other people, and that help sometimes in inviting them to reflection and study, only then we can form not only our own criteria, but if we want to apply reiki, that we really go to qualified people, because most people do not know the damage that can be in an imposition of hands, where there is a wrong transfer of energy from one person to another, and this I can assure you from my own experience.

As of my two previous recommendations the study requires time and dedication, while inviting you to a reflection is simpler, it is with this that I want to finish my article today.

I invite you, if you are reading this post, to do a Google search on the word “reiki” and you will get a big surprise: there are approximately 89 million references about it. But this is not bad, I love to search and share knowledge and more if I can use technology for it.

The worrying thing is to find definitions like: “Reiki is a safe, holistic, natural healing therapy that treats the human being as a whole, easy to use and can treat many acute and chronic diseases, such as: sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, cystitis, chronic fatigue, arthritis, sciatica, insomnia, depression, promote spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. It is suitable for all people, without restrictions, is an excellent tonic, if you are in good physical condition, the reiki will help you to continue like this (…)“, or that “(…) this Japanese technique called reiki, is used to reduce stress and serves for relaxation that also promotes healing“.

In these two definitions, we can see that the laying on of hands is taken very simply; it is ensured that there are no restrictions to its application; and even the words relaxation and healing are in the same definition.

If you don’t remember the implications highlighted by the WHO and the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, you might reflection that a technique like this was created by a old master, who founded schools, he practiced meditation for many years, he cured countless victims of the Tokyo earthquake, etc. In other words, that the application of Reiki requires knowledge and study, and it is here where it is amazing to see the amount of courses that are given and the amount of therapies that are offered on the internet (face to face or distance) by people who are not professionals or who are not trained to do so and who are only looking for an economic benefit.

It is also impressive to see the amount of people who see practices like meditation and reiki as a kind of fashion…

In conclusion, I want to invite you to reflect that Reiki is not in vogue, it is an alternative technique that has many benefits (if you still do not know aspects about it, in another post or through eBook I could gladly give you more information). However, we are energy and it is based on that. The energy flows through us and can be used to stimulate the healing process, therefore it must be applied responsibly.

If I speak to you in quantum terms I would say that “everything is united by energy and this unification would demonstrate that you can transform one thing into another”. If we use quantum physics in everyday life, we would be able to affect the “hardons”, which are nothing more than very small particles that abound in the universe, uniting mind and emotion with matter, because these particles can be directly affected by energy (for example the thought).

If I have not convinced you yet, I could quote Roosevelt who in 1945 addressed the American people with a speech that will remain in history as his last message to the public before dying two days later and whose speech contained the famous phrase “Great power involves great responsibility“, which was later immortalized by Stan Lee (creator of most of the Marvel heroes) through the fictional character of Uncle Ben in the Spiderman comics “a great power (gift) involves great responsibility” 😊.

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