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My Blog is a space to know you, to grow you, to overcome you, to change and to develop you as a person. It is composed of articles, videos, podcasts and much more. And if you subscribe to my website, you can participate as a guest author in my publications, also participate in gifts such as ebooks, coaching to rediscover you, meet you, strengthen your faith and understand what you need to be happier and achieve the life that you dream.

My Vision

My Vision as Angelical Coach is that you achieve self-realization at all levels, overcome your obstacles, and find your way to be happy and a better person.

How? By living with meaning, spirituality and according to our essence and values. If you share this vision with me, congratulations, because you have reached the right blog and together we will travel this powerful path of personal growth!

How I Can Help You?


Overcome emotional illness, stress, anxiety, etc.
Emotional intelligence.
Make your days better.


Food and habits for a healthy life.
Other topics related to well-being personal.


Improve your communication with God.
Put heaven in your favor: the angels, prayer and faith.
Meditation and Yoga.
Angelic Numerology and Crystal Therapy.
Birth chart.
Other topics related to personal transformation.


Recent Posts

    Hola de nuevo! Después de unas semanas sin escribir, pero no por aburrimiento, al contrario, de vez en cuando hay que desconectar para conectar de nuevo… para que la energía fluya… para que surjan nuevas y mejores versiones de uno mismo… para sanar… para cerrar ciclos… Hacer surgir nuevas versiones de uno mismo requiere coraje, […]
  • The 7 types of rest that every person needs
    Hello everyone! This post today it comes from a lecture I have seen at TED. This platform has a series about “How to Be a Better Human”, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community. But, in this case, I can share with you! This conference stared with […]
  • Cómo superar tu miedo II
    En mi post anterior, te hablé de la meditación pasiva y te prometí unos tips para que cada vez que la practicaras, puedas conocerte cada día con tu yo interior y poder realizar los ajustes que necesites, para avanzar en tu crecimiento personal, profesional y espiritual. Detrás de esta clase de ejercicios, es importante volver […]


What People Say

EABC (Spain, August 2019).

“Helping is your essence and that’s what you came for, you heal even at the cost of your own well-being, and you know what’s the most beautiful thing about it? You know it and don’t care, it shows clear the great person you are…”.

Luisa (Colombia, Junio 2020).

“Yo creo que eres una persona muy especial, alguien a la que Dios le tiene una misión como el Santo Job. Aparte eres muy linda como ser humano y quiero seguir con tu guía espiritual (…)”.

Kimberly (Chile, July 2019).

“You are one of those true angels who come to give light to our lives”.

Miusikat (EE.UU., May 2020).

“Me encanta como te expresas de una manera tan maravillosa de Dios! Te cuento que a mi compañero de vida le he enseñado lo maravillo y único que es Dios, porque también nos tocó emigrar al igual que muchos venezolanos, y el se ha dado cuenta cómo Dios se ha manifestado en muchas maneras.! Te mando un abrazo!”.

A spiritual awareness begins

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