Spirituality and Inner Peace

In India, there is the popular teaching of the four laws of spirituality, which are as follows:

  • The person who comes is the right person.
  • What happens is the only thing that could have happened.
  • Any time you start is the right time.
  • When something ends, it ends

Spirituality is defined as the level of consciousness of each of us that is linked to something higher and to all living beings. Spirituality is a positive and superior value, in my opinion, the most important and the one that really determines our growth, a behavior that helps individual development in connection with the collective.

Certainly, when we speak of spirituality we associate it with religiosity, but that does not mean that you are a religious person, but that you are necessarily a believer in God the Father. For example, I believe in God, in his son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, Archangels and Angels; but I don’t usually tie myself to a religion or a church, on the contrary, I allow myself to do things that favor my spiritual growth that are not necessarily approved by religion, for example, to practice meditation and self-reiki.

Then, taking up again the subject of spirituality, I believe that we are in the new era, but it is not the era that intends that the Master Jesus of Nazareth be born again on the planet Earth, but the era of the consciousness of the spiritual, fully functioning in the individual. It is the conviction that the spiritual “exists”, but it is the Superior Being, the Christ whose name is the “I AM”.

The next thing you will surely ask yourself is how can I become a Spiritual Being, my advice is as follows:

Take time for yourself: work and rejuvenate your spirit, that is, seek to relax and de-stress.

Take care of yourself: Take care of your diet, exercise your body, and when you do, do it as an act of love for yourself, and not out of banality, appearance, or compliance with social stereotypes.

Learn to meditate: Learn to turn off your mind, to focus on the here and now. The mind allows us to handle stress, illness, anxiety, etc. I promise to make a post to help you learn at meditar😊.

Practice silence: I just explained to my sister the importance of silence, which leads you to contact more easily your higher self.

Practice gratitude: Give thanks every day, take time to recognize how lucky you are, for your health, for your family, for every day of your life, for what you have, etc.

Express yourself: Get in touch with your creative side, seek your artistic expression. Learn to dance, sing, play music, paint, or any form of art.

Seek to study more about spirituality: I believe that if you are reading my Blog it is because you are already on that search and I congratulate you because you are on the right path! 😊. There are many paths and currents to work your spirituality, if you like this post, comment if you would like to study more in depth, participate in a workshop, if you would like to get a guide or ebook, my intention is to help you!

Get your inner peace: this last section, I will develop more because for me it is the most important.

To maintain balance and harmony in your life it is essential that you focus on yourself and that, in the love and wisdom that this moment brings, you focus on the here and now, to work on achieving your purpose.

Inner peace is essential to be able to enter frequency and harmony with the Universe, to be able to focus on yourself, to control your inner strength, to be happy.

Now I know that you will be thinking or you will want to ask me, how can you get that inner peace, because you will have to practice part of what I have already mentioned before, for example, to dedicate time to meditation, to reflection, even if it is 10 minutes a day, close your eyes, breathe, leave your mind blank and meditate. But I also advise you:

  • Connect with the power of prayer: whatever your religion, pray, and you will see how your inner world is filled with peace, do it daily, ask for all the paths to be opened to you throughout the day and you will see how this great connection fills you with peace.
  • Cultivate actions and relationships that generate peace: in every action you take, every thought you have, every relationship you establish, seek your peace.
  • Be impeccable with your words: have impeccable communication without judgment or prejudice, without complaints, without criticism; if you don’t know the power your words can have I invite you to read my post https://butterflspirit.wordpress.com/2020/04/05/the-power-of-words/.
  • Take care of your thinking: your thoughts are key to entering the great evolution of your destiny. Your thoughts must be focused on your purpose. Always stay positive, I know that in these moments of pandemic and de-escalation (depending on the country you are in) it is more or less difficult to stay positive (and I promise that my next article will write about how to work to maintain yourself or get a dose of positivity), because from my own experience in these moments it is easy to feel down, depressed, anxious, etc. For now, if you feel this way remember that you can ask the Angels and Archangels for help to transform that energy, to increase your faith, your strength and your fortitude. Stay encouraged!
  • Seek to be in contact with nature: at least once a week fill yourself with the energy of nature or Mother Earth, vibrate with it, feel it, feel its sounds, its smells, etc. How can you do this? Go to a park, lie down on the grass, take off your shoes, walk on the grass, if you are lucky because you live near a river or the beach, walk barefoot on the sea, you will see how you recharge your energy from Mother Earth.
  • Work on yourself or on the forgiveness of others: identify which things you must deal with to resolve them, identify the people you must forgive, when you do so, you will take off a very heavy rucksack that you surely still have on you.
  • Avoid watching the news all day, it’s inevitable with all the life change that Covid-19 has brought, but most of these are negative, so don’t spend all day watching news about the coronavirus. Avoid watching horror movies, weapons, violence … If you already know, it seems silly, but these things stay in your subconscious, can often activate memories (or even other lives) and thus bring negative energies. And much less you see it before you sleep!

Finally, when you start to practice all these things you will automatically start to connect with your path to spirituality and to achieve your mission in life. I believe in the importance of the evolution of spirituality and well-being, so in my Blog I offer you content that accompanies your personal growth, to try to reach our balance and full harmony with the Universe. Sow peace in your heart. And always remember “he who keeps his inner peace keeps his power”.

Keep us still connected! A hug from my wings! 🦋.

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