What’s going on in my mind when I feel like everything goes wrong?

This that I am going to tell you has surely happened to you more than once, like everyone at some point in our lives. And those are the moments where it seems that everything still goes wrong for us and with all the desire we put into it, simply not only have terrible things happened to us, but it seems that we will never stop fighting.

For each of us there will be different battles, health, economic, family, legal and even other unimaginable evil. Does that sound familiar to you?

Well, it is true that some live their lives fortunately without fear, without stress and without darkness. Others fall (or fall) into states in states of anxiety, depression, anguish. However, here where spiritual teachers come into play, and to reach spiritual growth we must transcend our limitations, blocks and negative beliefs, which requires a lot of spiritual training, eliminate egos, problems, everything that worries you. and it leads to anxiety and depression.

Remember everything is energy, the universe is energy, we produce vital energy every day, in everything we do, think or say, and also, we can generate negative energy ourselves or we can drop our vital energy, for example when:

– Unconsciously or with conscience you act as a victim, or when you believe that the whole world is against me.

– When we do not know how to handle the fear of losing a loved one, losing your job, your partner, etc.

– When you come into constant conflict with people.

– I work too many hours.

– We scold and criticize ourselves endlessly.

– We mistreat the body with poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs.

– Believe that we are not worthy of love.

– We delay in doing the things that would benefit us. We live in chaos and disorder.

– And any number of situations that bring you closer to darkness, or that lead you to anxiety and depression.

Then it is time to reflect, because we ourselves are responsible for one hundred percent of all our experiences; through what we think is creating our future; the moment of power or doing is always the now (the present); we all suffer at some point from anger towards ourselves or guilt (or both inclusive); among other.

Think of a rose, from the moment it is a bud. As it opens to bloom fully, until the last petal falls, it is always beautiful, always perfect, always changing. The same as us. We are always perfect, always beautiful, always changing. At all times we do the best we can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge we have. As we have more understanding, more awareness and more knowledge, we will do things differently.

Louise L. Hay.

When we really love ourselves, everything flows more in our lives; When we learn to think about now and not think about the past or the future, we stop feeling bad (anxiety, fear, anger, envy, etc.). When we change our thoughts, we will stop being creators of our “illnesses”.

And yes, although I already made a post about emotional illnesses (if you have not read it yet, I invite you to visit http://atomic-temporary-127928292.wpcomstaging.com/2020/03/15/enfermedades-emocionales/), today I want to invite you to think about other slopes:

– What is the correlation between my life purpose and my health symptoms?

– What is the mental root of my challenges with the body and food?

– What is the real reason why a person gets sick?

– What is the shortcut to stop fighting life and flow with the Universe?

Good health is the Creator’s will for each of his children and when it is not manifested, it is a clear reminder that the individual has a contrary belief, since the true cause of the disease is fear, hatred, criticism, worry, frustration, anxiety, pessimism, and any other jarring thoughts or feelings.

All of these are wrong causes, but they can be counteracted by the awareness of peace, trust, love, hope, victory and other qualities (without prejudice to the help of God and angels).

By recognizing the personal habits of thought and feeling that are the causes of the disease and trying daily to eliminate them while maintaining thoughts and feelings of the opposite virtues in a short time, you can enjoy a perfect functioning of each part of the physical body.

When you learn the truth of Being, the truth of God and of our inner Christ, and we apply it constantly until that thought becomes automatic in us, we don’t have to fight to earn a living. Our creative thinking and faith in God will attract everything we need.

In conclusion, it is time to acknowledge our responsibility for creating this situation or the state. I am not talking about whether we are guilty or bad people for being where you are. What I mean is that we must recognize our “inner power” that each of our thoughts becomes an experience. Become aware of this power and learn to use it consciously in a positive way and for your benefit, and of course, for your health and spiritual growth.

Keep us still connected! A hug from my wings! 🦋.

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