Your life mission

In life you always must have a north, find your passion and the mission of life, for example, the career of each person, their profession, employment. But for this each person must begin to connect with his essence, with the divine law and of course with what you come to work in this world or in this incarnation.

Although a few months ago I gave you a small introduction in my post, the important thing here is reflect on whether you feel fulfilled in your life, if what you do is what fills you, if you are exercising the profession or the job you wanted and that makes you happy.

The previous question is very important that you answer it sincerely, from within, not from the ego, nor from appearances or ambitions. You must be honest with yourself, because only then will you identify if you are on the right path, and if not, you should look for those tools that allow you to begin to channel and balance your energy, to reflect on whether you are in the right place by divine law , if you are giving society and the world all your professional energy, if you have karmas to heal, among other aspects, and thus begin (or continue) to work on your evolution, on your healing, and that is when you will find the perfect job, the perfect health, the perfect partner, etc.

But we must bear in mind that when we want a change, an evolution or create new projects, we must know that every transformation takes effort, determination and time, and of course, sometimes it is not easy, but if we are determined what it is we want do, it is there where we will begin to channel the energy of the universe towards our desire.

When you have a gift and you do not activate it, you will feel that life is passing you and you are accumulating frustration, and that happens because from your birth your gift has been present. The important thing is when you manage to recognize it, no matter what you have done so far, what you have studied, or what people may say.

When you connect with your mission, the path to elevation or growth appears, in all areas, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Otherwise, life remains in a single horizontality, as if nothing happened at all. The moment of decision is what I call “Awakening”, and it is the meeting between the gift and the mission of life.

There are many tools that help you find your life mission, from connecting with your divine essence through prayer or meditation (if you have not yet read my post -with-your-divine-essence / it’s time to do it), up to numerology, the birth chart, Feng Shui, among others.

Of these, for obvious reasons the first is to seek connection with the divine, and here everyone is free to do so according to their religion, and as hard as our mission may be, there is no better example than the “suffering and death of Jesus “who came to fulfill a mission and that was the way to carry it out.

Later, where I have personally found many answers is through numerology. My best justification is to tell you that from Pythagoras and his disciples they dedicated themselves to the study and perfecting of character and soul; Their thoughts led them to look at the stars, contemplate the rhythms in which the planets moved, the natural cycles … all of which derived in a simple conclusion: the universe is an ordered whole and is based on mathematics.

Through mathematics we can see aspects of our life and destiny. Remember numbers are the language of our reality. Everything that exists in the physical universe is explained and understood through the study of numbers. The numbers allow us to explain how God created everything that exists in the universe, and therefore, the numbers are powerful creators of reality.

Now, regardless of the tools or mechanisms that you use to connect or find your mission, there are many obstacles to reaching it. For example, one of the first obstacles is when we relate life’s mission to the economic situation, so to achieve this significant awakening you have to forget about money. Having a bad attitude. Not recognizing our gifts. When we live in a constant struggle because you don’t give up on your own ego. Living among drugs, alcohol and vices, among many other things that can distance you from your mission and from divine law.

In that sense, always remember:

• That right now is the time to commit to your mission. Don’t wait for time to pass. The universe right now is giving you an opportunity. Don’t miss it!

• The movement of energy exists throughout the universe (it is within the oldest religions and beliefs in the world). Be aware of the harmony of nature, our planet and our universe.

• Connecting with the energy of mother earth or with its energy lines, will provide you with much of what you are looking for.

• You are in your time to wake up and reflect on your prosperity. You cannot continue in the complaint, or in the victimization, much less in giving the responsibility to others. And here I give you an example of the teaching of Feng Shui: “When you go to any beach, see how seagulls do not make an effort to fly, they only glide in the wind and when they want to eat they have the immensity of an abundant sea that will give them when they want the provision of their food ”.

• You are a wonderful being, a creator of the reality that you deserve to live and if you open your eyes every morning any miracle can happen.

• Regardless of the country you are in, “as above, so below”, God is our provider and He will provide you with everything you require. So, before you worry, take care of yourself! Activate love for yourself.

• Give yourself permission to take a trip where you will begin to identify within yourself your bad and good energies, and it is there that you will find your true light.

Finally, the energy of change comes from within you, from your own soul, and that is the best energy to start on this path of finding or connecting with your life mission. Everything will have to come together in the perfect balance of your life and each person has a different formula. Each person also has a different reality, and with it only you must recognize your wounds and make way for the healing of your soul.

Keep us still connected! A hug from my wings! 🦋.

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