Connect with your divine essence

Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time, but you can become a great healer (of yourself) very effectively if you control them. Most people are unaware that we are all capable of redirecting our concentration and energy to avoid negative thoughts, and as we gain confidence in ourselves this becomes a practical skill.

You can also work with angels. Your intuitive nature will always allow you to deeply feel your angelic connection. Now, certain conditions apply, hahaha 😊

These conditions are not because of God, but because of us. And what do I mean by this? When we don’t make the time to talk to the Father, or if we do, then we get caught up in our daily life, in the stress, and don’t pay attention to listening to Him. Or we simply have not even looked for a suitable place to talk to Him (for this last aspect, I invite you to read my post

Also, perhaps what prevents us from having that communication with heaven is because we are immersed in drugs, alcohol or other similar vices. And even, it happens when we stop taking care of ourselves, because we don’t take an adequate alimentation for our physical body and we don’t detoxify ourselves from our emotions, from the energies and much less we clean our home (energetically speaking).

Why isn’t it God’s fault? Because our Creator assigns each person one or more guardian angels from the moment we are born or before (He knows and cares for every inch of our body as it is formed in our mother’s womb). Angels are purely loving beings who have no relationship with our deceased loved ones, and that to have them by our side is not necessary to make merits or meet requirements; in my opinion none could survive on Earth without the presence of their angels.

I want to clarify that we do not worship or pray to the angels, but we do recognize that the Father Creator has given them to us for some reason; because they are a sign or represent the will of God, so they have a great interest in keeping you alive, safe and on the right path to walk towards your purpose in life (which is the will of God for each one of us).

How do the angels communicate with you? When those feelings come to you from your guts, repetitive ideas, revelations or dreams, signs, etc. But remember that God also gave us free will, so your angels will not interfere in your decisions even if they are not the best. Here is where if you look for a suitable place and take time to pray or ask God for guidance, you will notice that your thoughts will always be directed in the best direction.

It is also important to clarify that the angels are not Santa Claus or Aladdin who guarantees the fulfilment of all your desires. Our petitions will be given if they correspond in justice and in HIS time, not ours. Yes, I know that this is the part that is hard for us to accept. Besides, I believe that God will always see our essence and the depths of our hearts. Ahh, I remind you that your request may be given, but it may differ from your expectations ☹, but rest assured that the Father always has a better plan for us.

Your guardian angels can help you with any problem no matter how small or big it is, because as long as we are at peace we are also contributing to the peace of the world.

If you’re still not convinced, to understand how you can work with your angels? I tell you that the truth is that you should not do anything at all 😊. All humans are made in the image and likeness of God, the Holy Spirit is in each of us, because naturally we can communicate and connect with the angels. And many times when people wonder why their angels do not listen to them, be assured that it is because they have not taken the time to pray to God or talk to their angels.

In addition to the guardian angels that you and I have, there are also the archangels that the Father created to direct and oversee life on earth. The archangels are angels of a higher category, and each of them commands and coordinates an infinite number of angels. Traditionally some people consider that there are four archangels: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Auriel (or Uriel), for another seven, and for many others (including myself) we consider that there are many more.

In the Bible, only the title of archangel is given “expressly” to Michael. From the biblical references to Michael it is clear how important this archangel is as head of the heavenly hosts in their fight against the forces of evil: “(…) there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought, but they could not overcome, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Revelation 12:7-9.

Gabriel’s role is also paramount. It was Gabriel who showed and explained to Daniel the meaning of the vision the prophet had in the third year of Belshazzar’s reign. Six hundred years later we see him appearing to Zechariah to inform him that his wife would give birth to John the Baptist and six months later he announced to Mary that she would be the mother of the Son of God, appearing in a dream also to Joseph (Daniel 8:15-26; Daniel 9:20-27; Daniel 10:20-21; Luke 1:8 and Luke 1:26).

Another of my favourites, Raphael, who was sent by God in answer to the prayers of Tobit, a law-abiding Jew who had become blind, argued with his wife Anna and was filled with grief, asking the Lord to allow him to die. Likewise, Sarah, a young woman who had seven husbands who died on the wedding night because of a demon who was in love with her, also prayed to God for death or for the Lord to have mercy on her (Book of Tobit 6:10-18).

In short, remember that archangels do not belong to any specific religion, which means that you do not have to belong to a particular religion to ask for their help. They are non-physical and infinite beings who can help anyone who asks them. Below, I describe each one of them and how they can help you:

  • Ariel, which means “God’s lioness”, helps us provide for our physical needs (such as money, shelter, and food). Ariel also assists us with environmental causes, and with the care and healing of animals.  Historically, she is associated with King Solomon, who believed that Ariel ruled the wind.
  • Azrael, means “he who helps God”. He helps the souls who die when they reach Heaven, heals the people who suffer and assists them when they console the afflicted. Considered the “angel of death” in the Islamic and Hebrew traditions, Azrael is associated with the archangel Raphael and King Solomon.
  • Chamuel, means “one who sees God”. He comforts anxiety, gives us global and personal peace; and helps us with lost objects, causes and people. He is considered the leader of the angelic realm known as the “powers that be.” Chamuel is one of the ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah, which means that he governs one of the paths of the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.
  • Gabriel, means “messenger of God”. This archangel helps messengers such as writers, teachers and journalists. Gabriel also helps parents to raise their children, with conception and adoption. Some beliefs think that Gabriel is a male personality, while others perceive her as female. Gabriel announced to Zechariah and Mary the arrival of John the Baptist and Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. In the Old Testament, Gabriel saved Lot, the son of Abraham, from the destruction of Sodom. Muhammad said that the archangel Gabriel had dictated the Koran to him.
  • Anael, means the “glory of God”. She cures women during their monthly cycles and helps with clairvoyance. She is associated with the planet Venus and the moon and is one of the ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah. Anael is often recognized for having escorted the prophet Enoch to Heaven.
  • Jeremiel, means “God’s mercy”. He deals with emotions, helping us to review and inventory our lives so that we can forgive; he also helps us to make positive changes. The ancient Jewish texts present Jeremiel as one of the seven central archangels. Because Baruch, a first-century Jewish apocryphal author, was assisted by Jeremiel, this archangel is believed to help with prophetic visions.
  • Jophiel, means “beauty of God”. She heals negative and chaotic situations, and brings beauty and organization to our thoughts, homes, offices and other places, as well as removing negativism in these areas. Some traditions call her Iofiel or Sofiel. Jophiel is also known as the “patron saint of artists”; the Torah describes her as a defender of divine law.
  • Metatron. She was the prophet Enoch, who ascended after leading a virtuous life of sacred service. Metatron cures learning disabilities and children’s issues and helps new Indigo and Crystal children. For the ancient Jewish traditions, Metatron is an extremely important archangel and is the chief of the Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah. The latter believes that Metatron helped guide Moses through the Exodus from Egypt to Israel. The Talmud says that Metatron cares for children in Heaven as well as on Earth.
  • Miguel. His name means “he who is like God”. He comforts us from fear and doubt and protects us and keeps us from negativism. Generally regarded as one of the most powerful archangels, he is mentioned in the Bible as well as in other Christian, Jewish and Islamic holy texts as the performer of heroic acts of protection. Michael is the patron saint of policemen because he protects and gives courage to the people who invoke him. He rules the angelic kingdom known as the “virtues.”
  • Rehael. His name means “friend of God”. He brings harmony to all relationships and helps heal misunderstandings. The book of Enoch describes Rehael as the overseer of all the angels, ensuring harmonious relations between them. Rehael is known for assisting in the ascension and transformation of the prophet Enoch to become the Archangel Metatron.
  • Raphael. His name means “he who heals”. It heals ailments and guides healers and those who wish to become healers. He is one of the three archangels who are currently considered saints (the other two are Michael and Gabriel, although at one time seven archangels were canonized). In the book of Tobit (which I told you about earlier), Raphael describes himself as a servant before the Glory of the Lord. He is believed to be one of the three archangels who visited the patriarch Abraham. He is considered the patron saint of travellers. His main role, however, is to heal and assist the healers.
  • Raziel. His name means “secrets of God”. It heals spiritual and physical blocks and helps us with the interpretation of dreams and memories of past lives. The ancient Jewish doctrine says that Raziel sits so close to the throne of God that he hears all the secrets of the universe. The legend says that Raziel gave this book to Adam when he was leaving Paradise, and to Noah when he was building the ark. The Kabbalah describes Raziel as the embodiment of divine wisdom.
  • Sandalfon. It was the prophet Elijah, who rose to the rank of archangel. He performs many services, including healing aggressive tendencies in people and delivering our prayers to the Creator. In addition, Sandalfon helps musicians, especially those involved in healing through music. Because he was one of two human beings promoted to the rank of archangel, Sandalfon is considered the twin brother of Metatron (who was the prophet Enoch). Ancient Jewish doctrine speaks of Sandalfon’s great stature and says that Moses called him “the high angel.
  • Uriel. His name means “God is light”. It is an angel of wisdom and philosophy that enlightens our mind with knowledge and new ideas. In the sacred Hebrew texts, Uriel’s roles have been varied and vast. As the angel of light, he is often associated with the angelic realm of enlightened “seraphim” who are the closest to God in the nine choirs of angels. Uriel is thought to be the angel who warned Noah of the coming flood. Uriel is often identified with one of the four principal archangels, including Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.
  • Zadkiel. His name means “God’s justice”. It heals memory problems and helps with other mental functions. Many scholars think that Zadkiel was the angel who kept Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The Kabbalah describes Zadkiel as a leader who works as a team with Michael to protect us and free us from bad energies.

Finally, I do not want to stop talking about our Master Jesus, I do not have to describe who he is, besides nothing better than reading all his teachings in the Gospels. He assists any of us when we call him; it does not matter your religion or your level of faith, because he sees the light and the divine love in all of us, he remembers that he died for us, so, if we ask him, we will get his protection and his guidance.

Jesus is the chief healer of mind and body. You can maintain a personal relationship with him, whether you attend church or not, show him your heart, and as I said before, you will hear his advice and receive his protection. Unfortunately I also know that some religions do not act with integrity, which has kept many people away from Jesus (among other things, as I told you in my post In particular, I’m not one to go to church repeatedly, because I find the worship that can be given to a priest or a pastor very annoying, depending on whether you go to a Catholic or a Christian church, respectively. Believe me, God knows our hearts, and you can talk to Him, to Jesus, to the archangels and the angels without intermediaries!

In the end, talk to God, Jesus, the archangels, and the angels every day; get used to their daily participation in your life, it’s very simple, they let us know what is right, so we can make better decisions in our lives; we can ask them for protection; however, remember that you must have faith, that is, you must have the firm belief that you can receive what you want, the universe is energy, and because all things you ask for with faith, you will receive them (Matthew 21:18-22).

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