Connect with your mission and return to your essence

Since I created this Blog, I have been correcting or perfecting it with the days, the design, the button for translation, etc. And the language is an aspect that is still complicated. Initially, I wrote my articles in English and immediately showed it in Spanish. Well recently, after obtaine a certificate by Google, I learned that this was a mistake, since it creates a conflict in the search engines. In that sense, depending on the subject and my intuition, I write as the case may be in English or Spanish. However, I just received a request by private message on Instagram, that they wanted to read my last post in English, because the use of the automatic translator does not always yield a good translation, in other words, part of the original essence of the author is lost.

That is the reason, that they are seeing the same post in two languages. I hope that if you read me, please give me your opinion on the issues covered not only of the content itself of my article -about us the indigos-, but also, what you think about this solution that I have found about the language. And once again, thanks for the support! Wings hug.

The world we know has changed; and we must begin to change with it. After everything happens, we will have to build many things again, and I do not mean such obvious things as perhaps public health, the economy, or finding new vaccines, etc. I am talking about a world of greater solidarity and that the human being is above political, social and economic differences.

And to do that, we must start to see how you want to build YOURSELF back up again…

This construction must be done by each one of us from our essence, from the heart.

In this time of quarantine we must take advantage of it to find our mission in life, or at least, try to connect with it, or maybe re-connect with it.

We are facing something never seen before (or at least, many of us because of our young age had not lived a world pandemic) and fear is perhaps one of the most predominant feelings in many of us, and yes, obviously it is one of the things we must work on at this time; however, it is not what I want to talk about in this article, although I can invite you to visit my post in which I have left some advice on how to face it.

In this post, I want to talk about that other feeling or thought that we must attend to, when we ask ourselves if what we have been doing until this moment in our lives, is what we really like or are passionate about.

Or maybe, you are also experiencing some feeling like frustration (as it was my case, in the first days of quarantine) because you stop to think that there are many people out there that need help, while we are at home. So how can I help?

Beyond complying with the confinement, carrying out the hygiene protocols, respecting the time of walking your dog, is our way to contribute to the non spread of the virus. This is the time to start building a better world, and that is where many must connect with their mission in life.

Perhaps for some, their mission will be more physical by collaborating with the toilets, helping people to provide medicine or food, etc., but for some of us it will be in a more spiritual realm.

Remember that they are as important as each other, that is, whoever has a more physical mission as a more spiritual one, and when I refer to spiritual, I include for example, that you want to do a yoga class for the whole world, through a video or live on YouTobe, Instagram or Facebook. Simply because it is what you want to do, well, don’t underestimate yourself, that is going to be your way of “contributing to the world” in these moments of crisis.

In that sense, the important thing is that each one of us tries to connect or re-connect with our mission, how to do it? By identifying what you really want or desire to do with your life, not what you should do; because you should mostly do not connect with the heart.

You can also take advantage of the time to do that course that you never had time to do but that you always wanted, take up that talent that you had abandoned, like playing an instrument, or drawing, etc.

Or simply concentrate on your internal process (on evaluating yourself and improving), because that may be your mission. Remember that many people seek happiness or inner peace throughout their lives, but do not stop to look at themselves, much less seek to transform themselves.

In this time of quarantine, work on YOU, condition your roots and grow internally; so that when everything passes, you will have risen as high as possible, and nothing can stop you from finding your happiness and peace. It is these new, more human beings that the planet will need when all this has passed.

“Seek not outside and far, that which is near and within”

Thich Nhat Hanh.

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