I’m indigo, and now what?

Since I created this Blog, I have been correcting or perfecting it with the days, the design, the button for translation, etc. And the language is an aspect that is still complicated. Initially, I wrote my articles in English and immediately showed it in Spanish. Well recently, after obtaine a certificate by Google, I learned that this was a mistake, since it creates a conflict in the search engines. In that sense, depending on the subject and my intuition, I write as the case may be in English or Spanish. However, I just received a request by private message on Instagram, that they wanted to read my last post in English, because the use of the automatic translator does not always yield a good translation, in other words, part of the original essence of the author is lost.

That is the reason, that they are seeing the same post in two languages. I hope that if you read me, please give me your opinion on the issues covered not only of the content itself of my article -about us the indigos-, but also, what you think about this solution that I have found about the language. And once again, thanks for the support! Wings hug 🦋.

Indigo energy, which refers to the color of the third eye chakra, chakra of intuition, is a high vibratory energy that characterizes the indigo generation, a group of conscious souls, evolved and sensitive that have incarnated in this world to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and promote the spiritual awakening of humanity. This post is intended to guide you to new levels of understanding and find the meaning of your life, whether you consider yourself an indigo or if you are a parent or a friend of one.

Indigo children have a “sixth sense” in the best style of a superhero, and your whole body reacts to the lack of sincerity. This is one of the reasons why in other people’s eyes we are hyperactive, or they think we have attention deficit or attention deficit disorder.

Whether you consider yourself an Indigo or not, the truth is that we are confident, we always tell the truth, we have faith in our intuitions and we have a clear passion to carry out our purpose in life. Many authors say that the purpose of indigo energy is to “restore moral integrity to the planet.

Most indigos were born in the eighties, and now we are adults. However, there were always Indigo children on this planet and still today are born Indigo children, just not as often.

Yes, it is true that the Indigo children have a strong will and are not willing to compromise on our values. We lack evil (some people may call us fools, or people ‘strawberries’, unable to think badly or do evil to others). I recognise that we can sometimes get angry early on, which we cannot hide either from the tone of our speech, our body language, and that our decisions are non-negotiable (and if I want to add more, for example, my ears give me away, they turn red so that the person easily recognises my anger). We don’t care what others think of us, because we are simply at peace with ourselves and the kind of person we are.

It is also true that many of the Indigos (not me) are inventors and activists who are guiding people towards the global care of the planet. In summary, the main characteristics of the spirit or indigo generation are:

  • Strong will.
  • Sincerity and clear and direct language, whatever the consequences.
  • Idealism
  • Hypervigilance and constant warning to perceive threats or dangers.
  • Caution as long as the other person does not show them sincerity.
  • Refusal and intransigence to give in and betray their values.
  • Confidence in their intuition.
  • High values.
  • Originality in their speech, in their movement and in the artistic way they decorate their own body, their hair, and in the style of their clothing.
  • Independence (they are often loners).
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Original thinking.
  • They are highly sensitive to chemicals.
  • They are spiritual, but not religious.
  • They respect others only for what they do, not because of their age, money, or title.
  • They enjoy music.
  • They don’t use drugs, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and if they do have a drink, it’s usually at a small celebration.

The indigos are not a category or a concept that should fit, it is rather the description of our essence, personality and energy, we tend to stand out for gifts and that we use it in useful to others (some of my friends in a tone of mockery or perhaps alago, have called me Captain Marvel 😊).

In short, it is about helping the world to reach a higher vibrational potential. That is, when we contact our indigo power and channel it in a constructive way, we become agents of change as:

  • Documentary filmmakers.
  • Inventors and innovators.
  • Leaders, trainers and teachers.
  • Bloggers, social commentators. Artists.
  • Environmental activists.
  • Authors.
  • Animal rights advocates.
  • Speakers.
  • Volunteers in charitable works.

On the other hand, the majority of us usually have knowledge of energy, the chakras, although it is true that some will have some chakras more developed than others, according to what corresponds to carry out or develop in our life mission or according to our spiritual frequency.

We Indigo children are especially attuned to the ethereal energy around us. We have a natural ability to see and communicate with the angels. Some of these children have the ability to act as mediums (this means that they are naturally tuned to communicate with the souls that once inhabited a human body and at present serve as spirit guides for humanity). Others, although we are not mediums, also have the ability to see and hear people who are not on our earthly plane.

Another of the incredible tools we have been given is your powerful instinct, strong hunches. We are able to see the basic dynamics of any given situation, and sometimes, if we ignore it we can go wrong or we could have prevented some unpleasant event from happening or affecting us. We simply know when something is not right or when someone’s energy is not to our liking (because it is in a much lower vibration).

Often many authors say that we are “old souls” who have been waiting for this divine moment of awakening and progress of humanity to return here, to Earth.  Others point out, that the Indigo are here to fulfill a main purpose, which is to open our eyes to the world around us, so that we can recognize all those important and necessary changes that need to be made. The indigo spirit has always existed in humanity, but now is more evident than at any other time in history. There is no doubt that humanity is “waking up” across the globe.

If you are an Indigo, you must know that you, like the rest of us, you are just as you are for a divine reason. You have an important mission that only you can fulfill. If you try to be like others only get to put barriers to your mission, in addition to your happiness and personal satisfaction. I know that sometimes you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere. That you have to deal with things from other planes. That you can see amazing levels of evil.  Sometimes it is quite exhausting to deal with your third eye chakra, and in my case, the crown chakra also becomes very sensitive (as I usually joke with myself, I am fed up with the crown -It’s a Latin expression for when you are exhausted for something-).

You know that as an indigo, you must be aware of your own internal processes and that you must try to live in an ethical and healthy way. Sometimes, I recognize that I must work on some weaknesses, such as avoiding fixing the problems of others; many people come to me seeking advice on what to do with their lives. Another problem is that since I usually say what I think, sometimes I say it with all the truth or harshness that it implies, and I forget that other people want to receive advice with kindness, instead of a very hard criticism.

In other words, we tend to always put the truth above everything else, even if it means that people pull away from me, because my words are usually harsh.

We Indigos tend to become lone wolves. We look for friends we can trust, who are authentic and sincere. We are generous and we like to demand the same quality in our relationships. False friendships do not go with us. For better or worse, the most important relationship is with myself. I never pretend anything with the intention of impressing people. I prefer to wait for real people to show up.

Finally, as I know that this post is getting very long, if you are an indigo I invite you to sends a giant wave of healing energy that it get involved everyone around you (even those who do not understand you, those who are in a different vibration or those who feel threatened by your truth). When you fully express your true self, your inner light shines in its fullest splendor; so, allow your radiance to illuminate the path of others and offer them inspiration during their period of darkness.

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