How to ask Archangel Raphael for help in times of pandemic.

Saint Raphael is an archangel, being one of the three archangels known by name within Catholic and Orthodox Christianity. The other two archangels are Miguel and Gabriel. The name comes from the Hebrew רפאל: Rafa-El, which means ‘God heals’, ‘God has healed’ or sana heal He! ’Or‘ medicine of God ’.

According to the Book of Tobias 5.4, Raphael was sent by Yahveh to accompany Tobit, Tobit’s son, on a long and dangerous journey to get the young man a godly wife. This is Sara, who had seen seven fiancées die because a demon, named Asmodeo, was in love with the woman and killed the husband on the wedding night.

At first, Rafael is presented as “Azarías, son of the great Ananías”, but at the end of the trip he cures Tobit’s blindness and manifests himself as the angel Rafael, one of the seven in the presence of the Lord ». During the trip, he instructs Tobias to fish a fish, from which he would extract the viscera that he would use later to drive away the demon Asmodeus in love with Sara and cure the blindness of his father.

Its qualities support the healing of the human being and the Earth. That is why San Rafael Archangel is also associated with the ecology and protection of Mother Earth and all her beings.

The Archangel Raphael many times we are represented dressed in green, the colour of nature, hope, healing and regeneration. The Archangel Raphael, is the archangel of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, includes the power of sight and the vision of Truth.

We must remember that the word angel means “messenger”. Angels bring messages from the Divine Mind of our Creator. They are gifts that God gives us and sends us to help us remember our Divine nature, so that we love and be kind, so that we discover our talents for the good of the world and to get away from the path of evil. Specifically, the angels are with you to carry out the plan of peace established by God.

But this post is not intended to describe exactly who the angels are, how they can help us, how to call them, etc. On that I will be telling you in another article, for now I want to share my experience with Archangel Raphael (or one of the most important) and tell you how you can ask him for help, especially in these moments of pandemic where having health is the most important thing.

It all happened in May 2016, with my mother. On May 5, 2016 my mother fell and injured / fractured her shoulder. My sisters and I took her to a private clinic where she underwent the appropriate exams, including X-rays, which confirmed the diagnosis, and worse still, the doctor told us that she had to undergo surgery to place a kind of plaque metallic on her shoulder. However, my mother’s arm was extremely swollen and purple, so the doctor instructed that we should wait a week for the inflammation to subside a little and be able to operate her.

At that time, my sisters and I were faced not only with this bad news, but with great concern, since the insurance policy would not cover 100% of the cost of the operation. Additionally, I had to leave the country (my ticket was already dated June 1 of 2016), which if I used part of the money I had to subsist abroad for my mother’s operation, because I would see myself in a very compromised economic situation when leaving my country.

When I returned to the house of one of my sisters with my mother, to wait for a week until the operation, that first night I prayed a lot, I said I asked God to help me, because I couldn’t migrate leaving my mother sick; the savings that I would use to live abroad, I had to use for my mother’s operation; the risks of the operation itself, among other things. And the next day I woke up to the idea “you are a healer” and I felt that the solution was in my hands. That “idea” was the way that God had spoken to me (through my dreams, which is one of many ways of how He speaks to us, and that I will comment on in another post).

The next night, I waited for my sisters to go to bed, and I told my mom to allow me to give her a little massage with decorub (it’s a gel / ointment used for blows) and we sat on the sofa. At that moment I proceeded to rub my hands and I mentally prayed, I called Archangel Rafael three times to come there and at that moment that his healing power manifested itself through my hands to heal my mother. While I was massaging my mom all over her arm, shoulder and part of her back (up to the shoulder blade), I always prayed that the green flame of the Archangel covers my mom’s body and thus heal her shoulder, her bones, her tendons, their circulation, and to return my mother’s health.

I can’t say how much time I spend on it, I just felt the moment had to end, I said good night to my mother and she went to sleep. After, I felt my hands hardened, with strong tingling, I even had difficulties to move them, for a moment I was scared, and I went to wash them, I had a lot of time with my hands under water, and I still did not pass the discomfort completely. So, I used sea salt and it was so that I regained the mobility of my hands. After that I also went to bed.

What was my surprise the next day? I was the last to get out of bed, and when I went to the dining room to have breakfast with my mother and my sisters, and my surprise was that my sisters when they exclaimed me: What did you do to my mom last night ?!

My mother’s arm was almost its normal size, the purple one was still present, but her pain had decreased significantly. Even so, we waited for the end of the week and returned to the doctor. Upon arriving at the clinic again (a week later) the doctor was surprised to see the inflammation and improvement my mother had experienced. He repeated the X-ray exams and he showed it and told us the following: “I do not understand what happened, but your mother will not require surgery, I believe that with an immobilizer for about 3 weeks and physical therapy, your mother will be able to recover her habitual life”.

That night at home before sleeping, I just thanked God and Archangel Raphael infinitely for helping me and healing my mother. Two weeks later I left my native country, and my sisters later commented and sent photos when my mother had the sling removed (arm immobilizer) and then they was commenting me on her evolution in physiotherapy until her full and complete recovery.

In conclusion, in times of pandemic, and even in normal times, do not forget that you can ask Archangel Raphael for his help with any health problem, not only physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual. Try to visualize its green light and ask with all your heart that its healing green energy, heal all the ailments of yourself. If it is a physical ailment, try to cover with his light all the muscles, systems, bones, cells until you perfect and correct healing. If the help you ask for is emotional, for example, ask him to dissolve the negative causes that do not allow you to have good health (it may be that he takes from you all resentment, anger, hatred, envy, etc.).

Now, you can pray Archangel Raphael to heal and heal all the souls and beings on this planet who are suffering from COVID-19. Be your prayer to yourself, for a family or for the planet, do not forget to thank the Archangel for his help and healing. In full faith.

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