“We are the World”

We all talk about the health emergency due to Covid-19, however, few of us think about the refugee and displaced population, which is especially vulnerable to this pandemic.

You have not pondered whether countries with the USA and Spain have the highest numbers of contagion and death, respectively, what would be the impacts if this global pandemic reaches the refugee camps.

Well, the answer to this question is that if the virus reaches the refugee camps, it would have devastating consequences, because these people in the camps live in overcrowding and without the minimum hygiene conditions.


There are more than 70 million refugees in the world, and although it is true, that worldwide there is the Red Cross and other organizations of a similar nature (such as ACNUR) that have launched a prevention, preparation and response of COVID-19 following the recommendations of the OMS. Aid by the rest of the citizens of the world is now more necessary than ever, to avoid a catastrophe in the refugee camps.

Weeks ago, I was talking to my cousins ​​that with COVID-19 people have forgotten about the thousands of displaced people from Palestinians, Syria to Turkia; who are now moving from Turkey to Greece; the millions of immigrants from Venezuela around the world, due to the greatest economic, political and social crisis ever experienced in that country, my country.

Fortunately, people like Pope Francis in the Easter Sunday message, made a wake-up call in favor of these most vulnerable people and my country.

And this post, and these lines, is to urge everyone not to be indifferent to this situation, collaborate as much as you can, donate, contribute to food banks, and if you cannot, because economically you have even been shocked for this coronavirus crisis, then pray. Pray for the world, its healing, and for your neighbor, especially for refugees and displaced people around the world.


Let’s not wait to be in a global pandemic, to help people from these sectors. For example, Spain had to arrive at this crisis to take a set of measures, including one that allows around 200 national doctors, nurses, and nurses from third countries and currently residing in Spain to join the National Health System ( SNS) to face the health crisis caused by the spread of the COVID 19 virus, when these people had been waiting for years for the resolution of an administrative file of residence and work authorization, or the approval of their university degree.

Finally, a few days ago I found this video that I show below on a YouTube channel of an activist who I follow on his personal blog, this video “We are the World”. This song was born in 1985 in the Union of Support of Artists for Africa, mainly Americans, led by Michael Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bruce Springsteen.

Today I decide to share it again, because “We are the world” and we must try to make this a better place. Do not be indifferent to the pain of others and try as much as you can to help even with your prayer. #PrayForTheWorld.

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