Why Butterfly? II

In my post “Why Butterfly” I commented that, among the ancient people, the butterfly 🦋 was a symbol of rebirth, of total transformation, and that it represents the need for change and freedom. For others with a greater spiritual sense, butterflies are considered an entity between the mortal world and the supernatural world, since it is said that the spirits took the form of butterflies to return, be free and care for those they loved in this world.

Specifically, the Morpho Azul 🦋 is only possible to see in Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and Paraguay and only lives 120 days, which makes it legendary, and makes it the protagonist of legends, including the true story of David Marenger (a terminally ill boy) with Georges Brossard (entomologist).

And just as I promised in my post “Why Butterfly?”, in this second issue, I will comment on why butterflies (mostly blue) are special to me?

The butterflies 🦋 in my life have been related to the presence of my father, his guidance and his protection. My father passed away on August 31, 2003. On the day of his cremation we were at the cemetery, and at one point I was surrounded by butterflies, however, I only contemplated them as the beautiful beings they are… So, how can I associate this event with my dad?

Let me tell you about four different moments in my life that allowed me to corroborate that it was my father, and you will decide if you believe that butterflies are associated with the spiritual.

(1) One afternoon when I was leaving my workplace, I had to walk to my car for at least three blocks through a lonely and dark area (dangerous too), and on the way there were some motorized ones (yes, this maybe for you who live in Europe or anywhere else in the world you won’t understand, but in Caracas, the crime that exists in my city usually moves on motorcycles to steal and run away quickly). At that moment I said “Daddy, wherever you are, protect me! Suddenly, the motorcycles left, and I could reach the parking lot where my van was, and around it there were only a handful of butterflies. Don’t you think it’s common to see blue butterflies in the basement of a parking lot inside a shopping mall?

(2) One day I was having lunch with a friend (although not just any friend, she’s a second mother to me), and I was talking to her about some important decisions I was making about my life, which I knew at least my mother and grandmother wouldn’t like, and I immediately commented to her “(…) I’m sure that if my father were alive he would support me in this (…)”. Being on a terrace, the wind blew (a very very cold wind) and that filled me with an immense tranquility, and there at that very moment a handful of blue butterflies were around me?

(3) Another normal day, talking to my younger sister about her work (who is an architect by profession), she told me that she was traveling to the interior of the country. He was participating in a project or work in another state. On construction sites there are usually many workers, men, and some of them with little respect for women. And without making the story too long, my sister told me that she had experienced a situation in which she was very afraid, when she was trapped in the construction site with a group of men who had begun to bother her… Without going into details, suddenly that situation of fear changed, and she was able to leave the site and arrive at the hotel where she was staying safely. However, from that bad moment, my sister told me (as an anecdote) that for a moment she remembers being surrounded by blue butterflies. And that the only thing she remembered doing before was asking my dad for help and protection. When I finished listening to him, I just confessed that I had also seen butterflies…

(4) One last anecdote, one day when I was anxious, perhaps distressed by personal problems, I went to meditate in a park in my city. At that moment, I only wished that my dad was with me to ask him for advice, so that he would give me his peace… Without lying to him, in the middle of the meditation in the park, the wind began to blow (although I had to admit that it felt very cold again), something made me feel an infinite peace, and a person who was accompanying me and who was also practicing meditation that day with me, spoke to me (he interrupted, to tell the truth) so that I could open my eyes, and could see the beautiful blue butterflies that were around me.

This little post, has no other purpose than to tell you that I believe (and maybe you also now allow yourself to believe 🙏) that our loved ones when they leave, become a guardian angel and that they take care of us and accompany us from up there. I cannot assure you that everyone can feel it, or that in this feeling there are beings like the butterflies 🦋 that accompany you, but what is certain is that they are there as part of our guardian angels, and that at some point we will see them again and find them again, according to the degree of progress of your spirit, the light of your soul and the purity of your heart ❤.

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  1. miusikat

    Gracias por compartir esas anécdotas de tu vida, y pienso lo mismo, siempre cuando estás en situaciones difíciles, de alguna manera esas personas que tanto amas y ya no están en tus vidas de alguna manera se manifiestan.

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