How to make your day better?

In the morning, entrust your day to God. Talk to him like you talk to a friend.

Give thanks for the food on your table, you can do it at breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Or while you’re having coffee or tea.

Be patient, while you learn how to listen to God. Later in a new post I will tell you from my experience how I have identified it. Maybe these tips can help you.

Order or plan your day, if this seems a cliché, but this allows your thoughts and actions to be not only in order but in harmony.

Remember if your thoughts go back and forth without any order, you can delay or make mistakes in your decisions about your professional or college future. Your energy should be focused on what you want to be. Remember also that you can achieve anything you want, but only with discipline.

Avoid people who prevent you from progressing. Our nature is dreamy, everything we can daydream is created by ourselves, even the people who make it difficult for us are in our lives because we have put them there. Only you allow them to be in your life. Take responsibility for everything in your life.

How do we identify a person who is preventing us from progressing? Those who are characterized by jealousy or envy; those who have no goals; those who tend to see only the negative side of things; those who are not curious to learn; are people who are afraid of change; those who let failure stop them; ah! and of course, those who only focus on money.

Allow yourself time to relax and be calm.

Enjoy trying to accomplish your goals.

Before you go to sleep, reflect on your day and be thankful.

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