The Fear

Human beings have had a number of innate feelings, and FEAR is one of them, and perhaps one of the main elements for our survival.

Fear can be both limiting and beneficial, but in this case as part of human consciousness, when it acts as a “limiter” it can play a bad game.

As one Dutch philosopher put it: «I saw that all the things I was afraid of, or that I was afraid of, had nothing good or bad in them except to the point where the mind affected them».


Does fear appear to tell you what you are going to do now?

Fear appears to tell you what you’re going to do with your life now?

Fear comes or arrives from conditioning, because you are a human being, because it is time to make changes

When doubt appears, it makes you feel incapable, it makes you feel weak.

So, use the obstacle, the fear, as an opportunity to connect with your inner self.

How do you get out of this state? At first you have to make an effort, but this effort is NOT to be what you ARE, it is an effort to observe yourself and NOT to do what you do NOT want to do again.

The grace (of God) will always support you and your fear will dissolve. Trust that because of this strength, you will continue to run your life, you will continue to breathe, you will continue to have a plate of food on your table, you will continue to have a home, and so on. The strength is there, always within your reach, I call it God, but you can call it what you want, but see this force as a companion of life.

Remember: «You’re full of heavenly matter and you carry in your mind the inventory of your best graces».


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